Friday, September 18, 2009

I don't know French

     Tonight my dad came to town, and as always he took me to dinner. This time we went to an especially minimalist restaurant with a lovely atmosphere with nicely dressed people. Of course, I'm wearing my v-neck and cardigan, complete with jeans and slip on shoes. I pretend I'm Bob Dylan when I'm at fancy restaurants. I do thoroughly enjoy my food, and this place was really good, but I never feel as though I deserve to eat there. I don't really think many people deserve to eat there. What the qualifications are to deserve eating there, I have no idea. I suppose people take things for granted much too often.

Kelly left me for San Diego for the weekend. I don't blame her. I'm still trying to figure out a good thing to use this blog for. Maybe I'll review something. Actually, since I just found out how to do this, I can use bullet points to list off the things I might try with this blog. These are listed in the least likely to the most likely. Please vote on the following;

  • Steve Xavier's Fashion Photography blog
  • Steve Xavier's Audio Engineering blog (bleh, that sounds boring unless you're a nerd like me.)
  • Tips and tricks in the world of Photography
  • Tips and tricks in the world of Producing/Engineering
Seems like it's either Photography or Music production, and the tips and tricks definitely sound like fun. Photography I am definitely more knowledgeable about, but I'm constantly learning about music production.

Anyway, those are just a few thoughts before I pass out on my couch next to the five or six empty cups of coffee. I need to change that stupid picture of me.

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  1. I feel weird in fancy restaurants too, usually because I always order the least expensive item and the waiter gets all weird after that. But they're still fun.

    Why not a photo ANNNNDDDD sound engineer blog?