Friday, December 18, 2009

People Change, But Do They?

I was talking to a friend of mine about how one of her best friends has changed for the worst. I have friends that have changed for the worst as well. To be honest though, I've had friends change for better and for worse.

When do people cross that line? Maybe one that says, "Alcohol" or "Pot". I don't know what your lines say or what your friends lines say, but the thing is we tend to cross those lines. Who can just stay confined in a box? Here's the thing though, you probably don't consider those to be real lines at all, just as a seasoned musician wouldn't really consider changing chords a difficult thing. She's way beyond changing chords she doesn't even remember when she learned. The same is true for crossing certain lines.

Usually, when someone turns 21, they go get wasted, and post pictures displaying how retarded they were all over Facebook. They've probably had beer before, but now they've crossed that line. Now it's acceptable, and they don't consider they're partying to cause their personality to veer off the path of who they originally were.

The same can be said for an extreme, like a murderer, or rapist, a drug dealer, or something like that. They just cross lines, and that's all that makes them different from you, or me. This is illustrated in a song by Sufjan Stevens called "John Wayne Gacy Jr." which is about the famous serial killer who lived in Illinois. After describing what John Wayne Gacy Jr. did to boys by dressing up as a clown and killing them, and hiding them under the house, Sufjan goes on to say this;

"And in my best behavior
I am really just like him
Look underneath the floorboards
For the secrets I have hid."

Now, this is not Sufjan coming out and declaring that he's a serial killer. He's simply saying (if my interpretation stands as correct) that John Wayne Gacy Jr. was not a horrible person, he just did horrible things, and we all do. John Wayne Gacy Jr. just crossed more lines than most of us. The more lines you cross, the closer you are to who you probably never wanted to be, but are you a different person inwardly? Probably not by as much as you are outwardly.

This topic is so far off from my last topic. Unless you are a sophisticated audio engineer, why are you reading this blog? I don't even know how I keep interest. I probably don't. I barely get feedback, so by that standard, not many people really care. Anyways, I've made my point about people changing. I don't have a conclusion, I just wanted to get that seed of thought into your head. It's thoughts like these that bug me at night, along with thoughts like, does a plane add weight to the overall mass of the atmosphere, or how simple would it be to get into a magazine?

We'll see, folks, we'll see.

In other news, I've been working on a myspace page for my audio engineering. It's got two examples of my work up and some pictures of projects I've worked on.


  1. Hasn't someone changed when they've consciously decided to cross those lines? We all have the opportunity to, and of course it's only human to slip at least once. But when you make the decision to cross the line and make those things your new priority in life, you're certainly different.
    I think it's a happy thought to imagine the person is still the same on the inside, but when their whole lifestyle has been altered due to their actions, it seems like a slim chance. We're all the same deep down and know if we're on the wrong side of the line, so luckily people usually come back to their normal self when they realize it. God made us humans so strangely!

  2. Well, I would agree with you, they do change. It's somewhat "eye-opening", not unlike adam and eve's line crossing experience. It's a change because they've been through a situation. They're still the same person, just processed a little.

    I don't know, I'm just trying to make these people more relatable.