Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Home Recording

Last Saturday I had a great day recording Dave, drummer of The Howls. It is so nice to work with professionals!

Speaking of professionals, all the pictures here were taken by Corinne, Dave's girlfriend.

Alright, so here's the thing, I'm tired of always teaching and writing crazy "How-To" blogs. This one will strictly be photos and small explanations of what the photos are. If you ever want your drums to sound like The Howls, this blog will help, but I'm not going to teach you how I did it.

This is Dave getting all set for recording! He was taking his time tuning his drums to sound perfect, and I am so thankful. You can see here the subkick on the kick drum that I made out of a speaker cone. If anyone is interested I'll write a blog on how to make one. You can also see here my general recording set up.

Here's how it went down. My dad and I went out to Lou's to get some light bulbs and hardware for the microphone I'm building about a half an hour before the session. Maybe 20 minutes before the session, Dave tells me that we can't use the Firepod as planned, which would have given me 8 channels into Logic Pro. I was planning on using 9 microphones, but now I've got (basically) 1 input to Pro Tools, the M-Box2 Mini. Using the mixers in this picture, and the trick I posted on syncing Logic to Pro-Tools, I managed to pull 4 channels pretty much out of thin air. 6 mics into 4 channels, and it sounded AMAZING!

Here you can see the mixers and how I used them. Maybe not how I used them, but that I did indeed use them. We just set this all up in my parents living room. It actually turned out really nice sounding.

Here are some more photos from the session. Over all I had fun. It was such an awesome and productive day. Be on the lookout for The Howls new album coming out this summer!

And finally a shot of me that I for once didn't take. 

Again, The Howls, working on their new album that will be out this summer!

Also, not this recording, but an earlier home recording of The Howls that I did can be heard at my myspace.



  1. Hey Steve,
    I know we never talked in real life, but I came across this and want to add you without sounding (too) creeper/stalkerish.

    i am especially interested to know what you're doing with those mixers, and how you're able to get more inputs with them.
    -dina j.

  2. I don't get more inputs with them, per se. I have 4 inputs. 2 from the 1/8" input jack on my Macbook that goes to Logic, and 2 from the M-Box, one XLR, and one 1/4". I'm using the mixers to "mix" the microphones beforehand, and then send them to those inputs. Much like patching multiple mics to one track on tape.