Saturday, November 7, 2009

The thrill of November

Didn't wait a second to pop on the Sufjan christmas albums.

Found out my job doesn't pay me... (Sucks.)

Got paid for telling kids attending open house that they'll never amount to anything "making beatz"

Studying, watching the trees turn from green to red out my window with a cup of coffee and my fake glasses on. (Only in seclusion.)

Finished my art project. The last picture was of Kelly at Peet's. I'm surprised they let us in there with a cross. It was after hours though.

Secret adventure spots with Kelly.

Was named the head "sound guy" (official title) at church, so I'm trying to update some things according to my Live Sound class.

Preparing for the winter months ahead of me as Kelly moves back home.

When I was little, I was a dork. Round bifocals, bowl cut parted in the middle, corduroy shorts with the elastic waistband. Velcro sandals.

Now I'm just a full on nerd. I can talk for countless hours about mastering crossovers for frequency selective compression, digital zero vs. tape distortion, P=I*R, how to create mute groups for the fx sends and returns on the M7CL-48, all that jazz.

I like knowing all this stuff, but today at open house I just felt like I couldn't relate at all to the prospective students. To give you the run down of today, I set up a band in a recording studio with a few other students, we all recorded it in our individual rooms (There's 6 studios sharing the signal from the band recording) and groups of prospective students came in, and I showed them all what was up.

Questions ranged from moderate to easy, to the point where I had to ask myself, is this what they're really asking? (N00bs) Anyways, I started talking about sends and returns and compression and eq and things that seem simple to me, but for a kid who wants to learn audio, they have no idea. (They should, but didn't. They just wanted to make beatz.) Then I thought, if these kids have no idea, what about normal people who don't care at all?

However, as an engineer of sorts, at least I understand what my dad is talking about now.

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